Mobile device - EHO Mini
Mobile device for tele-diagnosis, tele-rehabilitation, tele-monitoring and tele-care. This equipment is easy to use, transmitting the ECG outcome can be achieved by pressing a single button (for this, the device has a built-in GSM module).

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   - High precision and accuracy
   - Small size (weight of the device is 100 grams)
   - ECG Investigation results are automatically transmitted
   - Used batteries can be recharged

Mobile device - EHO 12
Mobile device built for performing a full ECG investigation because it uses 12 channels for ECG signal acquisition (12 electrodes). It is advised to be used in the family doctor's office because it requires internet connection. Allows taking ECG investigation result in offline mode (no internet connection) followed by the transmission of the results when there is an Internet connection available. It is also possible to measure the following parameters: weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation level and pulse.

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Through its portability the device allows the making of investigations at the patients home or workplace.