Family doctor

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Family doctors are the ones who (perhaps) are most closely related to patients due to frequent consultations that take place regularly and face to face. This leads to a much more open doctor-patient relationship. The patient feels more comfortable when they are visiting their family doctor and GreenCardio© is a means of providing support to specialists thus adding more quality to family medicine.

The family doctor plays an important role in the software application's workflow since the app will take the results of investigations in electronic format and will send them to the monitoring centre. Furthermore, this strengthens the link between patients who have limited access to specialized services and medical professionals.

GreenCardio© is a beneficial tool for family doctors who work in isolated communities and remote regions. GreenCardio© is a communication platform between a family doctor and the specialized cardiologist available at a remote location, by helping to improve the links between the offices of family doctors and the

specialized hospitals. GreenCardio© is also a means of forming new professional connections.

Any family doctor can announce abnormal cases through the transfer of the ECG result in the database for case trials. To emphasize, GreenCardio© facilitates the contact and get-together of cardiologic specialists without moving the patient. This is possible through the transfer of the investigation result together with other relevant data such as age, weight, diabetes, smoking, blood pressure, pulse, etc. The exchange of information takes into account the issues of privacy and data security for the patients.

GreenCardio© allows the family doctors access to a real-time database where the history of specialized doctor opinions and recommendations can be viewed regarding reported cases. This enables a continuous improvement of professional training by providing a direct contact with the specialist doctor. The increased access to ECG analysis made by specialist doctors leads to an increase in medical decision quality.

10 Family Doctor advantages:
   - Diversification of services offered
   - New revenue
   - Improving communication with the specialist doctor
   - Support in making the best decisions regarding the medical act
   - Eases daily work, diagnosis and treatment being provided by specialist doctor
   - Helps in the discovery of new cases and treatment for these
   - Premium services for chronic patients
   - Improving the image in the eyes of patients
   - Increasing the number of patients who come to the family doctor.
   - The latest technology for a more accurate diagnosis.

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