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Most patients suffering from heart diseases come from areas where access to specialized medicine is limited, their only contact with specialised care being the family doctor.Other preffer health investigations without visiting a hospital or specialised clinic.

GreenCardio© will facilitate the access of these people to advice from cardiology doctors while still being in contact with just the family doctor, favoring rapid responses to cardiac evaluations in collaboration with the patient's medical history (blood pressure, weight, diabetes, smoking - directly influencing cardiac activity) and allowing the doctor to send prompt specialized treatment recommendations from hundreds of miles away.

Patients with heart problems who have received specialized medical care continue to monitor cardiac activity at home, being trained to use the device to transmit ECG analysis results as recommended by GreenCardio©. When patients transmit ECG results to the family doctor, these are recorded in a database for continuous monitoring and rapid feedback, which will in turn reduce the occurance of serious heart problems. Basically, the application enhances awareness and patient motivation to follow treatment providing a continuous doctor-patient collaboration.

GreenCardio© means monitoring elderly patients and those that remain unattended for longer periods of time. Older people often have a higher level of mental satisfaction when they can remain independent. Due to its ease of use, GreenCardio© helps such patients lower the need for a prolonged and cumbersome family presence.

Patients without heart problems, who don't follow a long-term care treatment, visit their family doctor two or three times a year. Through GreenCardio© the family doctor can store the ECG analysis results, therefore creating a history based on which problems can be identified and treated in a timely manner.

Generally, cardiology doctors agree that this system signifcantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents.

10 patient advantages:
   - More efficent investigation process by eliminating the hospital visit. Patients no
longer need to travel long distances for a routine check-up.
   - Reduced costs because the patient only pays the family doctor's fee, not the
   - Methods for personalized treatment
   - Continuous monitoring of chronic heart disease
   - Early detection of cardiovascular disease
   - Service for monitoring non-stop post-surgery using mobile devices
   - Improved medical collaboration that reduces response time
   - Rapid diagnosis by specialists.
   - Receiving a permanent postoperative monitoring service using mobile devices
   - Emergency investigation by calling the family doctor

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