In Romania, according to recent studies, heart disease is the third leading cause of death. This is due to reduced population awareness coupled with low access to advanced medical services. Access may be limited also because patients living in rural areas have difficult financial positions and no nearby hospital with free medical care, because of certain disabilities or because their health does not allow movement over large distances.

Mobile medical equipment together with new working methods provide support to doctors for home patient care. Thus patients are allowed the comfort of their home, therefore avoiding the stress associated with hospitals. GreenCardio© is the telemedicine application that together with the EHO Mini ECG allows remote supervision (At home, work or in the community) of patients and offers live advice to patients, remotely.

GreenCardio© enables monthly custom cardiac activity reports together with the necessary medication.

Another important feature of GreenCardio© is that it doesn't compel medical personnel to perform different tasks from the daily routine, but helps improve the response time of the practitioner, while maintaining patient history and increasing the quality of the medical activity.

GreenCardio© supports the improvement and increased efficiency of the medical care act by reducing administrative work e.g. automate completion of data that is already in electronic format or quick visualisation of important information through relevant reports.

GreenCardio© helps the improvement of service quality and efficiency and allows a diverse view of the medical act.

The Safety and Security - technology used by GreenCardio© allows the safekeeping of confidential patient information for an indefinite period of time. This information is easily accessible to family doctors and other specialists, ensuring decision support and reducing the waiting time for specialized care. This information is easily updated each time a patient receives treatment or a new diagnosis is set and can be viewed by both the patient and medical staff. Patients can be confident that their data is safe and the electronic storage mode enables data portability between different medical systems.